Magda Herzberger
"Devotional Poetry"
Devotional Poetry

Devotional poetry from a Holocaust survivor that will provide you with comfort, inspiration, and renewed faith.

"A remarkable chronicle of will and faith and triumph over unimaginable adversity"

Book Description:

Magda dedicates this book of devotional poetry to those readers of Survival who asked her to share some of her prayers with them. Magda has touched many lives with her writings, a reflection of her faith, a faith that brought her through horrors that few of us will ever have to endure.

"I believe in the power of prayer. My daily prayers gave me the hope that things were going to change for the better and that somehow, in a miraculous way, I would be saved by the Almighty."

"I always turned to my Creator. I knew that no one else could pull me out of that terrible predicament. My strong bond with my Creator was the root of my survival. My faith in God, my love for life, and my hopes of being reunited with my family kept me alive during the Holocaust."

It is Magda's hope that the words of faith she shares in Devotional Poetry will inspire others as has her poignant autobiography, Survival.

Note: Quotes are from the author's preface.