Magda Herzberger


Welcome to Magda Herzberger's gallery of photographs, covering the first 20 years of her life. To view a photo in its actual size, please click on one of the thumbail images below.

Magda at age two Magda's mother Serena (left) with two of her cousins Magda (age 3) with family members Magda at age four Magda with her parents Magda's uncle Eugene Magda's uncle Eugene, August 24, 1930 Magda (front row, right) Magda in a Kindergarten performance (far right) Magda, Kindergarten performance curtain call Magda at Jewish Girls' Gymnasium (high school) with a white bow in her hair (back row, center) Dr. Moshe Carmilly-Weinberger, chief rabbi of Neolog synagogue in Kolozsvar, Romania during Magda's high school years Magda, age 16 with her piano teacher Mr. Stern (Magda is in the center behind her teacher) Magda's father, Herman Mozes Magda's uncle Eugene with his fiancee, Pere Magda at roll call at Auschwitz (see close-up of Magda in next photo) Close-up of Magda at roll call at Auschwitz (Magda is centered) Magda, age 19, eight months after liberation from Bergen-Belsen Medical School! Magda's medical student ID card Wedding picture of Magda and Eugene Herzberger, 1946